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Re: Babies 9-12 months - how many bottles a day?

Kel -- Lorelei will be 10 months on Friday and is still drinking 30 oz./day -- 5 bottles of 6 oz. each. Though, she only drinks 4 oz. at a time, then the other 2 oz. 30-45 minutes later (due to her GERD, I guess).

I've tried starting to wean her from bottles by replacing one bottle a day with the formula in a sippy cup, but she literally just "sips" on it -- not drinking the whole 6 oz. Of course, this means she gets less calories as the day goes on, so she wakes up hungry at night. So, I went back to 5 bottles a day. sigh.

Since she had dropped from 50% to 20% on the weight chart at her 9 month checkup, I've figured I'll just forget about the "supposed to" rules and go with what works for her.