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Re: Seeking Ideas on Burning Sensation; Chest/Upper Back Area

chab, it is so nice to go on here & read someone feels good, even for the day, I hope the injection helps you. I can't wear any bras at all, anything around the rib area hurts, I wear a cami with a built in bra & believe it or not that elastic by the end of the evening bothers my rib area, I looked at clothes the other day, got depressed have to wear real loose tops or you can notice I do not have a bra on, good bye to all the sweaters I bought last year. I bought a new matress shortly after this problem occured, my husband was so hoping it was my problem, of course it was not but still enjoy having the matress.
Wish I had a hot tub, I am not sure I would get out of the thing though. Went for ct scan, had to lift my arm over my head, ouch, had to use the other arm to bring it back down. I have heard people say they have went years before any doctor made a diagnosis, I can't imagine years in this pain. I have an appointment monday but I am not looking forward to it, I just about give up on doctors, that sounds terrable I know but I can't help but think I will be passed on next to a rhuem. doctor, or pain managment. Oh well its nice to come on & hear someone is getting relief. I bought a new bra, I hung it on the back of my closet door & can't wait for the day I can put it on.