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Re: Seeking Ideas on Burning Sensation; Chest/Upper Back Area

Chab, good to hear you are getting some relief. When I had the epidural of my T & C spines, I did not have an IV. They just used a local to deaden that area and it didnt really bother me at all... especially since it was so fast. IV's are more painful for me than the actual epidural so Im glad I didnt have to go that route. I was uncomfortable a few days from the T spine epidural but only a day or so from the C spine. I cant say that either really helped me much. The biggest thing I noticed was that the steroid has increased my appetite and I am gaining weight.

Sammy, Let us know when you hear from your CT. It is a good idea to find a good sports bra. Wearing a good support bra increases the lymphatic drainage within the breast. But some people feel like wearing a bra is not good for you so who knows. Mine irritates the rib area too (when Im having alot of rib discomfort related to my back problem) but it hurts worse when I go without a bra. So I guess it would be an individual decision.