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Re: Seeking Ideas on Burning Sensation; Chest/Upper Back Area

CHK....I never had any injection to relax me when I went to the neurologist for shots in my neck, and I got through it ok. This place I went for the lower back is a new place, and I guess this is their procedure. But, I really don't think I need it next time as I didn't feel any different relaxation wise! And, your right, they rubbed something on my skin and the shot went so fast, I didn't even notice it. The only thing I noticed different from this shot is that I did have a bad headache all night, and was a bit anxious. The next day I also noticed my face was red looking around the cheeks, but today that is gone. I am bad at keeping track of what was in the shots the neurologist was giving me....they might have been cortisone, where this one was a steroid injection. Maybe that is why the mild side effects this time? Yes, I also read that the steroid injections can make you gain weight, which I don't need, but I am not going to worry about that just now.....I am just glad I found a bit of relief from the pain!

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