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Just some thoughts

It has been just over six months since I smoked my last cigarette. I am in awe over this fact that I am finally quit after years of wanting to quit and many attempts at trying to quit. I feel great physically and emotionally and could kick myself for not quitting sooner. The addiction and habit really had me. Thirty years at a pack or two a day. I barely ever think of having a cigarette with any great desire. I do however find myself observing people that smoke with great curiousity. They know what they are doing to them selves and still use any excuse to smoke that cigarette. I was there and used every excuse there was until I got serious about quitting. The true desire to quit is the strongest tool you have against nicotine. It may take a few attempts in order to be sucessful but all of you have it in you so please do not give up. Cigarettes do not taste good, they do not help you cope with stress, they change nothing other than the quality and length of your life. Cigarettes run every aspect of your lives. Everything you do revolves around that next cigarette. Just think about it. There is life after cigarettes! I promise it does get better and the best part is that I AM in charge. Don't let cigarettes love you to death. Good Luck to all of you!!
My Quit Date: March 13,2007

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