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I can't thank you enough for your post. It does sound exactly like we have suffered the same illness. You cannot know what it means to have a valid idea of what's going on. I have actually had people tell me that the urgency and frequency I am experiencing are "not possible", and I've heard comments such as "why is it just your narcotic that passes through." (Well it's the only LA med for one!)

I got the medications he gave me, and the anti-biotic is not the one you mentioned. He did say that it was a very expensive anti-biotic. (Thankfully he gave me two weeks of samples. He called this anti-biotic the "big guns". It is called Xifaxan (rifaximin). I am going to research both the condition and the drug.

What is a fecal transfer? How does it work? That is what finally cured you? Do you still have problems from the colitis?

I am going to do some research and will probably have more questions. Thank you so very much for your post, and for your offer of help with this. I have been at a loss, and as you know, this is a miserable, embarassing condition. I wouldn't wish it in anyone.

Thanks again, my friend.

Your Friend,


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