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Re: Just some thoughts

Originally Posted by velveeta View Post
The true desire to quit is the strongest tool you have against nicotine. It may take a few attempts in order to be sucessful but all of you have it in you so please do not give up.

Here, Here, velveeta...another pat on the back to you! Everything you said here is 100% truth....especially "the true desire to quit is the strongest tool you have against nicotine"....that is definitely so true! I think a few people think when they quit, they expect the smoking aid they choose to use to do it's magic, or do the work for them. (A few times I've seen a few people say on here, "I tried the patch/gum [or whatever else] but it didn't work") I know, as I quit numerous times myself, before I finally got it right....using nic gum, [way back when they 1st came out...around 1984]...then using patches, Wellbutrin, etc. Nothing "worked" until I got good and serious about it, in my head first! The quit smoking aids are great, but that's all they aid. You must do all the real work...the mental part of it, and work on changing your lifestyle...habits, etc.

It is so SO wonderful being free [at last] from the chains of that horrible no longer controls my life every minute, either, velveeta...I am now enjoying simply living my life without them, and I was NEVER, EVER this happy when I smoked...and that's the truth!

This Monday I will be celebrating my 4th year of quitting, and I plan to go and have some fun that day too...think I'll go buy me a new dress...or something ...maybe a new watch!'s doesn't matter...I've already given myself the sweetest gift of all! And yeah, my teeth are really this white too! LOL Congratulations on your 6 months of freedom from nicotine, velveeta, and just keep it up! (you sound like ya got it beat for good too!)


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