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Doctor wrote that I had CRPS in WC paperwork

I had truly hoped I would not develop this nor did I think I had. Until I read the doctors report sent to the WC IMO hearing. I have had 2 cervical spine surgeries and trying for a third which has been denied 3 times not for necessity but because my pain was not documented on ONE form being on the right side. WC said the MRI states I should have right side pain with the posterior herniation, and moderate foraminal nerve compression being where it is. You see most of my pain is left sided. I do have pain on the right side actually a lot of numbness. But WC only chose to look at one paragraph. It was noted that I have CRPS and that was well documented. I wish someone would have told me about that. And that is what brings me here.

I have read up on it a lot but still am unsure what to expect. For about 2 years I have felt a burning pain over my left arm from the neck to the hand. It is most of the time and I take Lyrica for it and it seems to help. I contributed it to having severe spinal cord compression for 18 months. I also have hand, wrist, arm, finger and neck pain. I have shoulder spasms and cramping either side. I have tricep pain both arms (doc noted radicular pain both arms) and one of the weirdest feeling is in my chest/lung area. My primary doctor even send me for a chest ct scan. It feels like I have dirt in my lungs. I cough to get it up but there is nothing there and the ct came back clean. Sometimes I have an awful taste in my mouth. Kinda like I got with strep thoat. I noticed my finger nails are so brittle they break every time they grow at all and have ridges and spots like I was calcium deficiant which I am not. Does all this sound like CPRS?

If this truly is this disease what can I expect? I am not sure if it is getting worse other then my lung deal. I am afraid of this, I am 44 with a 2yr old. I am still working and have good days and bad. I am trying to decide to file for a medical retirement which is not a bad deal financially howeverI have no idea how good the city will honor my medical.

Any assistance would be helpful.

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