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pinched nerve or WNV?

i was house-sitting for some friends and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and uncomfortable pillows. i was out in the evening and had gotten bit by a few mosquitos, thought nothing of it. within 2 days i woke up feeling terrible. i had a stiff neck and a shooting headache. my tummy was upset and i thought it was b/c i had eaten an early dinner, so i had a sandwich, i only ate 1/2 of it, i wanted to throw up. my mom suggested i seek medical attn and thought i had menangitis.

i brushed it off saying i had probably gotten a kink in my neck or pinched a nerve, i can hardly turn my head.

my back and neck pain have subsided some, but i rely on tylenol frequently throughout the day. i'm also not able to "get enough sleep" no matter how long i sleep i do not feel rested. i have also been really distracted and "spaced out" i feel like it takes me a really long time to focus and my reaction time is significantly delayed.

just thought today that i might have WNV. from what i read online, there isn't much going to the DR will do. and there typically aren't lasting symptoms.

anyone think i might have WNV? should i go to the DR or wait it out?
thanks for your advice in advance

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