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Re: Doctor wrote that I had CRPS in WC paperwork

Have to agree, it does sound very much like crps. I like you started 3 years ago with prolapse in cervical spine, surgery 18mths later and then developed strange feelings in other parts, ie burning legs, feet, swellings to r hand and lower legs, numbness, burning, tingling in fact the list goes on. I too take lyrica it does help to take the edge off pain in my arms but does nothing to help my lower back and leg probs. I do have further pathology to my lumber spine which has only been noticed since Jan this year following another MRI. It isnt the pleasantist of diseases to have but you have to work with it. Its difficult to comprehend but there are many treatments out there, although it seams there is no cure but pain management is a good option. You say you have a 2 year old, i really feel for you and complement you as you also work, it's very difficult when there are sibblings involved, i too have an 11 year old, but they adjust and grow up knowing how you are, you have to be strong for them remember. Keep reading on this site, i'm sure you will get strong feed back, i did and it helped.
Good luck, tkb