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Peri questions-PA says no way

I am 46 and have noticed over the last year, or so, that my periods are becoming less predictable & I have had hot flashes. I have dull headaches a bit more often than usual, but they're not debilitating. I also have stomach issues off and on; bloating, feeling full after eating on occasion, cramps, gas, as well as some pelvic pain between periods-nothing major, just dull achy cramps. All of the stomach issues seem to act up for a week or two then disappear for a month or more. I have had IBS for 25 years, so I suppose that's what is flaring.

I talked to my PA about it and she told me in no uncertain terms that I am too young to have any peri symptoms and that menopause is highly overrated. Am I wrong to question her in this area when I know that the symptoms I am having could very well be peri-related? I'm just not sure I accept that she is right in this instance.

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