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Re: Hypertensive and atherosclerotic effects on blood vessels

The relationship between BP and atherosclerosis is very reciprocal it seems...which one starts first is a mystery, but my uneducated guess would be the relationship begins with arteries...plaque and calcium and "junk" accumulate as a result of XYZ, the arteries constrict and lose flexibility, then the BP rises and begins the process of nicks and cracks.

So addressing arterial health at the get go is definitely the place to start. A two-pronged approach would certainly address:

1. minimizing plaque and clogs, and/or treating existing ones (statins, diet, supplements, etc).

2. attacking that which inflames arteries...homocysteine, C-reactive protein, and a whole host of stressors (for example, just one huge fatty meal inflames the arteries!) with diet, exercise, and supplements like fish oil and folic acid (and others).

I do think the process of declining arterial compliance can at least be delayed and slowed down. But when the damage is done? That will be the real medical breakthrough!