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Re: Director, C Diff

Amanda...Sorry to tell you this, but the medicine your doc gave you that was the "big gun" is used to treat Travelers diarrhea. I looked up Xifaxan and that what said. I think you need something more than that. I still stand by Flagyl and Vancomycin (this is the Big Gun!!), but remember, this is very expensive.

As far as treatment I had when the two meds both failed to clear the problem up is done like this. It is done quite often in Europe, but still considered experimental in the US. The donor (in my case, my wife) gives a sample of feces (the fresher the better) and you take to the doctor and they put it in a cone shaped container with a paper filter. Normal saline is then poured over it and the liquid that comes through after being poured over the sample is collected in a container. You then are put on the table and prepared for a normal colonoscopy. While doing the colonoscopy, the doctor inserts some of the liquid with "good bacteria" through the flexible tube. It is done about every 10 cm is what they told me. It is pretty painful with the colder liquid being inserted into the colon at a cooler temperature than body temperature. The entire idea behind this is to reintroduce good bacteria, which they have collected from the donor. It then will help return the bowels to normal and do away with the uncontrollable diarrhea.

It worked for me, but you are encouraged to eat lots of yogurt which contains live bacteria and I also take a non-prescription product called Florastor which has bacteria in it also, to help the return to normal process of the bowels.

If I haven't explained things you want to know and I'll give it a try. Good luck, Amanda, and please let me know how you are doing.