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Unhappy ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

Over two weeks ago I rolled my ankle on a piece of wood at work. I have not been able to put any weight on it from the start but now the pain radiates up the sides of my calf to my knee. I have felt it a little up the sides from the beginning but now I can barely get comfortable because of the constant ache and pain from my foot all the way to my knee. If I wear my work boots and my foot is at too much of an angle, ie. sitting in a vehicle while wearing my boots, my toes go cold but it also does the same thing if I am sitting and there is any pressure on the back part of my leg behind my knee. I don't know what to ask my doctor for. They are trying to get me a CT scan but I haven't heard anything from them yet regarding an appointment.
The first week after the injury my foot felt pretty good in the morning but now I stand up and the pain starts immediately and remains. I am uncomfortable all day with this and I have to keep working. I am on sedentary duties, even though where I work that does include some standing.
Does anyone know of anything familiar happening to someone they know or if something similar has happened to theirself? Should I ask to get set up with physio or wait for the CT-scan to find out if anything shows up? I personally think it has something to do with the ligaments because of the pain up my leg to my knee and the fact that pain killers don't seem to have any effect. I am just beyond the point of frustration with this. I haven't had very many injuries in my life. I seem to recall something from my soccer years as a kid about spraining an ankle once but I couldn't even say what foot that was it was far too long ago. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks.

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