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Re: Seizure unknown etiology

Hi there. Sorry you've had three seizures...but you didn't specify what type of seizures you had. Were they tonic-clonic? (Grand mal?) I can certainly understand your fears and the need for answers, unfortunately, with seizure disorders, answers don't always come easily, especially when EEGs and MRIs come back clean.

You said that you're allergic to Dilantin. Did your neurologist suggest an alternative med such as Lamictal? There are dozens of AEDs out there if you need to take one.

If you've only had three seizures, truly, you may not need to be on a daily anti-epi med. But if you've had simple partial or complex partial seizures on a regular basis, then you need to find a good neurologist, or better yet, an epileptologist in your area who will work with you.

BTW, The phen-fhen you took a long time ago would not have caused your past seizures. From what I understand, that drug caused heart problems, not noggin' problems!
I have adult-onset epilepsy. I am here to answer any questions, offer hugs or whatever you need to the best of my disability.