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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

i didn't see anywhere here where you mentioned even having a simple x ray done on this ankle?was this appropriately treated post accident?i found out the hard way that what i had always thought or been told about broken vs sprained ankles defintiely was not true.being able to weight bear is usually more indicative of an actual fracture vs a severe sprain which i could NOT for the life of me even touch my foot to the floor without very severe pain.i just couldn't stand on it at all and it was not fractured.just a severe sprain.whenever you 'roll' your ankle,you can do some really amazing damage to it under the right circumstances.soft tissue,ligaments muscle and tendon all can become damaged or even torn.some injuries just result from the over stretching of one of those things,but they do kind of go right back in place.but that over stretch is what can cause swelling and pain and brusing too.under your current situation,i would highly reccomend at least obtaining an MRI,this would just take a good hard look at all the structures within your ankle area,above and below too.a CT would give only a limited look at the areas that need MRIwould just give you a much better overview of whats going on within the ankle.

if this was indeed a work related injury,was it reported to the appropriate people at your workplace?i see you are from canada,i am not too sure how they handle work related injuries there like they do here in the US,but any work related injury here is considered a workmans comp injury and you the injured party do not pay for ongoing care,your employer does.but at any rate,an MRI at this point really should be condsidered since it would be the only way to really 'see' inside to all the structures within your ankle.the thing is,with some types of injuries,if they are not appropriately treated right away,and sometimes even when they are,other problems and syndromes can start up which can be much more painful and harder to control once this just really need any problems identified and properly treated as soon as possible.i wish you luck with this,please keep me posted. **
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