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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

Thank you for your response! Yes, I did have an x-ray the day of the injury but the report came back without any comments - nothing to mention, no fractures, etc. My doctor does agree that none of this is indicative of a "normal" sprain. I just came back from seeing her again and got some stronger pain killers. She is going to contact WCB to find out when they can get me in for a CT-Scan. From what I am hearing from people they are suggesting an MRI would be more helpful. Unfortunately, here in Canada, MRIs are extremely hard to get with very long wait periods, regardless of injury.
I have filed a claim with WCB but the wheels have just started to get turned there. I am sure it will all come together. For now I am to have total rest and foot elevation, something I haven't actually had too much of since this happened. Now there is no excuse and besides, I cannot tolerate much of this anymore, let alone put any weight on it!
I will keep you updated. Thanks again.