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Re: Anger and Forgiveness

Originally Posted by Phoenix1 View Post

How do I control the anger enough to forgive the driver,"witness" and insurance company, who are all lying about the events of said accident?

The "this is business as usual" angle provides me with no comfort.

How do I manage my anger, when I feel that I have a legitimate right to feel this way?
Originally Posted by Phoenix1 View Post

I understand that I am not the same person that I was prior to the accident but the inability to do what came so easily is frustrating.
You do have a legitimate reason to be angry. As I know you are aware, though, anger can consume you. How much of your other past unresolved anger is in this pile too? I am trying to put myself in your position and see it from your perspective. Let me do this for a bit and I'll come back.

I know that it really upsets you to be called a liar (the psychotherapy center issue deals with this too. I'm sorry that you had all of that happen).

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