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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

yep,keep that sucker up and elevated as much as possible.i forgot how things move up there in sorry.having that very high hypersensitivity could possibly mean this has started to become more neuropathic or sympathetically generated type of pain.there are just certain conditions that can occur with certain types of injuries depnding on just what was affected during the injury or how long that pain was left untreated appropriately.hopefully this is not the issue with your ankle.what does that ankle actually look like at this point?swelling/color changes,does it feel hotter or colder than the surrounding areas?what you need right now besides an MRI which really really is vital for you,is to see an ortho surgeon just for a consult on your symptomology.they just have a much much better understanding of orthopedic injuries and possible complications from some pont,you really do need that just really need to find out what IS and is NOT normal for this particular injury.hopefully that wont take forever too.what really concerns me most is that hypersensitivity,it really should not be that bad and could indicate other least your doc is accomodating your pain,and that is really huge when trying to heal any injury.just do what they tell you to do and do not push things before you are really ready,K?good luck and let me know how things are going. **
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