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Generics Different?

Hi All,

I'm curious about something. I've been taking MS Contin, actually a generic from Ethex. I wasn't impressed and we had to raise the dose a few times. Then the pharmacy switched to Endo. WOW! What a difference. It was like a whole new medicine, and I kind of feel like talking to the doctor about adjusting backwards, so long as they stick with Endo.

Does this happen to the rest of you? It kind of scares me now in case they return to Ethex that my pain level will shoot up. Have any of you gotten a pharmacy to provide you with a specific generic even if they've switched to another? I would love it if they just stayed with Endo now, but I know from experience that with generics it's a bit unpredictable, depending on supply and such. Can I get them to stock Endo for me?

Thanks for your help.


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