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Re: Doctor wrote that I had CRPS in WC paperwork

My symptoms all started within about 8 months of my initial injury/prolapse, i guess it started to progress with time as the longer i had the prolapse the worse it got. The prolapse was in July 04, surgery was Oct 05! I had chiropratic treatment first for about 3 months but it didnt do anything, in fact i think it only hindered things as i didnt know i had a prolapse until my mri in Feb 05. I had physio at my hospital from Dec 04 until Feb 05 and i was getting so bad, pain seemed to be spreading so how from my neck, r arm initially to my lower back and legs, god my legs were getting really bad, swellings were developing in my lower legs and my knees were going red hot. My physion was great, she suspected there was something seriously wrong with my spine and got me to see an orthopaedic consultant as she refused to do any more treatment on me as i was ending up in tears when she did anything to me, after all i was supposed to get better with physio not worse! My mri was urgently requested by orth consultant with confirmed central protrusion at c5/c6 and other degenerative discs in cervical spine. I saw a neuro surgeon in May 05 who said i needed surgery which i had in Oct 05 acd, but it didnt do me any good, in fact i never fealt any different and then all the crps symptoms really took hold. This was confirmed by my pm in Jan 07 which was my first visit to see him, he said it was in my r arm and alot of my leg problems could be from my neck, however he suspected there could be further pathology in my lower spine so another mri was done within the week and low and behold i have a large bulging disc (very bottom one) and degenerative discs in other areas, in fact it transpires i have crps and disc degenerative disease and all this started at the age of 34!!! I have since Jan this year thanks to this wonderful pain management consultant had medication introduced which does help a bit, an epidural to my lumber spine in June and a cervical epi performed only last Fri. The first epi took the swellings away in my lower legs and gave me a bit of pain relief only in my lower extremeties for about 3 weeks then unfortunately all the swellings etc came back. The cervical epi had basically done the same again, swellings have been reduced only in my calfs and ankles, my r hand is still swollen, numb, hot cold, etc, and i still unfortunately have some pain my knees are still going hot and my lower back hurts , i'm obviously hoping it will do me some good and last longer than the previous one, we'll just have to wait and see on that one, so watch this space! I still take lyrica which does help moderately with my r arm pain and amitriptylene at night and nortriptylene by day. You asked how my son handles it, well my hubbie for a start is superb, he is my rock and god love him he suffers in his own way by me and my son is the same, i guess you just learn to adjust and live with the best of what you have. I have good and bad times, not good and bad days as it varies so much at any time of day and night. My hubbie works full time which i guess gives him an outlet to gain some normality and stability i just wish it was normal for him when he comes home, my son had coped really well, but then i suppose he was only 8 when i started with this and he has seen his mum change more so with disabilities, i cant walk like i used to i now use a stick, i can drive but only when i feel safe to do so, you know the usual things you take for granted just arnt there anymore, stairs are a problem for me they really get my legs going, bending, reaching, carrying are all difficult but you just do it the best you can. I'm sorry to go on and on but thats basically it in a nut shell, we just hope and pray the future looks brighter, i look at it this way, at least its not life threatening, the disabilities which go with it unfortunately are something you just have to get used to, its the pain which really drags me down but we have to be strong for our loved ones. Please keep in touch its good to compare notes and chin up its not all doom and gloom! best wishes, hope your on a good day tkb