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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

Coldness hasn't been an issue for a couple of days now so that is good and the painkillers she perscribed work quite well. I don't have that constant dull ache so much.
I have been feeling around my ankle a little, a little here and there or as I think I can manage it, and I noticed there is an extremely tender spot located on the upper inside/back of my ankle. The spot is almost straight up from the inside ankle bones near the arch. I can just barely touch that spot. It does feel like a bit of a swelling lump there, or at least it did last night. This morning it doesn't feel quite as bad...this is really frustrating! The pain seems to move around a lot in the back sides of the ankle, up the sides of my calf, around and under the heel and toward the big toe. Strangest part of all of this is that it has never really swollen, like a normal sprain, never shown any major bruising (only a little here and there and very light). I just feel like maybe Iam beiing a big baby sometimes, usually when the pain killers are in-effect and then at night I can't barely tolerate it....ugh...
I have to call to speak with a case worker today and see how the arrangements are coming for all of this. I have heard it can be challenging to work with WCB at times. I will try to keep my hopes up in that respect.
Thanks for being around for me. J