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Re: Tight Bladder Neck Urge Rention? 23 YO Now What? I need Help

Originally Posted by UnNaMeD1 View Post
Actually the Valium hasn't really done much of nothing since takeing besides calm me, and take some anxeity away. I'm not sure if I'm emptying or not. It really sucks to be 23 and have to live basically in prison, because you can't go out, and enjoy anything.

But I went to urgent care about my stomach! I thought something may have been pushing on my bladder. The did some plain upper and lower Xray's and said I was fine. And that I need to eat a high fiber diet. They wouldn't do bloodtest, i was just told to go to a family doctor if i wanted one. I wanted it cause once a docter requested for me to have one cause he thought I may have had a bad thyroid in the past. But I also wanted it, becuase Diabeties can also cause urgency, and rule out some infection somehwere.

I can't stand this anymore, I'm ready for some surgery if need be, as bad as I hate to be cut on. As for the uro I still got about two weeks before I see what his has to say next about it.

I'm female and going through a lot of what you are going through. they said I have an overactive bladder. My bladder only holds 250units of urine where a normal bladder holds 500. (so my doctor said) anyway, sometimes I feel I have to go and then go and nothing much happens and other times I go and it's a lot and very clear. I can go anywhere between 1 every 5 or 10 mins. to ones every hr. odd.

I had a cystosope which was fine.

have they done a CT on you yet?