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Re: Generics Different?

Hi Everybody...I have been through the generic thing several times since I've been on C-II meds for CP. I'm currently taking Methadone and I've been able to tell a huge difference in the different makers. Mallinckrodt makes Methadose and in my opinion it's terrible. There's a big difference between that and Methadone by Roxane. Shoreline Dave can give us the figures on the percentage of difference in these generics. I think I remember, but Dave can tell for sure.

I've been on Methadone for four and a half years and I take 180 mg per day. Over four years ago, after getting a fill with Methadose once at my regular pharmacy, I asked them if they could order in the Roxane Methadone for me. My monthly fill is for #540, so they keep a large amount in stock. I went in last week for my fill and asked if they had enough (there's a new Head Pharmacist) and he said he had 1,100 in stock, so he would be sure to have enough for me.

So, to answer the question, yes it is possible for a pharmacy to order your preferred brand of medication for you. If they give you the song and dance they can't do it because it's a chain pharmacy, I would go elsewhere. My pharmacy is a chain and they've been doing it for me. If you have problems finding a chain pharmacy that will work with you, some people go to a small Mom and Pop pharmacy and swear by the service they get.