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Re: Doctor wrote that I had CRPS in WC paperwork

hi back,i still think the type of pain and what you mentioned in your posts in the spinal board really do sound much more like the central pain syndrome than RSD.considering you DID have the spinal cord compression and do have myelopathy,this alone could really explain the type of syndrome it appears you may have.the fact that you just do not appear from what you have stated that you have the more 'classic" outward signs of RSD like swelling,no type of color could however have actual sympathetic nervous system damage which could explain some other symptoms.either that or its a result of the cord compression and what it did and left behind for you.

what you really do need to find out at this point is whether or not your pain is stemming from spinothalamic tract damage that considering the compression that took place within your actual cord, could be a very real possibility or sympathecally generated pain which would indicate the possible RSD/ i mentioned before,obtaining that sympathetic block would really be helpful in your case.this is exactly how my central was confirmed as being central from tract damage and not RSD.the block just did not work at all on my arm but where i do have the full spectrum or RSD symptoms in that right knee,when they did the block,it did affect my pain.its a pretty reliable dx test as far as anything can be when trying to actually Dx RSD.unfortunetly it is a rule out type of condition without any real positive way other than symptomology to go by.

i don't know if i mentioned this to you before or not but just do a bit of research on central pain syndrome and RSD and see how YOUR particular symptoms actually compare.just so you know,once you actually have any level of real spinal cord damage,you can get or feel some really incredible 'perceptionary' types of pain and sensation where it almost 'feels" like something is being done to your body or something is there but its not type things?really freaky stuff sometimes.this could possibly explain your lung actually does really 'feel' like things are there that are not,thats the perceptionary part of spinal cord damage.believe me,i have felt the most freaky strange wierd stuff i never ever thought possible since my cord was damaged back in 2003.its a ride,let me tell ya.

just do the symptom comparrison and see what you think.please keep us posted.marcia
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