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Re: Horrible generic medication experience should I contact the company

there is a website that i unfortuently cannot think of right off hand that is a govt website that is governed by the FDA that you can directly report any problems with meds to.i am sorry i cannot think of it right now.i do think that shore knows this one,shore??

unfortunetly we are at the mercy of the drug co and whatever they decide to put in or not put into any given med(between 85-110 %).it is a sick little practice that has been going on ever since generics hit the some cases,that 'difference" can kill someone who is taking meds that have a very narrow thereputic index,meaning their dosages have to be exacting or big consequences can son almost lost his liver becasue the generic pred he had been stabilized on right after his transplant did not get Rxed after a few months when something changed and we got a 'generic equivalent" that was much much less than what he was supposed to actually placed him into rejection.transplant patients,epilepsy patients and patients who are taking something like coumadin,are all the types of patients who have the narrow thereputic index that just HAS to be exacting.its really a sick thing,really sick.

if you just researched FDA sites you will probably come across the one i am thinking of,unless shore or someone else here can think of it,as long as it is a govt website,we can post them here as per the mods.but i would also give Mall a big letter of your disgust with their product cannot hurt.good luck,marcia
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