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Question I need info on TlE Epilepsy....Diagnosed 30 years ago

I am a 61 year old woman who was diagnosed with TLE more than thirty years ago. I began having seizures when I was 2 or three years old. The doctor told my mother I was tempermental and not to worry. The seizures were intermittent and usually only lasted a few minutes. As I got older I became aware of certain symptoms that would occure prior to a seizure. Strange odors, bolt of lightning pain above my right eye, bright glowing lights surrounding objects and so on. I also suffered from severe, debilitating migraine headaches. When I was around 9 the seizures dissappeared. Then returned again when I was in my early twenties. The symptoms were the same but also included new ones such as , vivid, terrifying nightmres, auditory hallucinations and unexplained gaps in time (usually no more than an hour or two) with no memory of what I said or did during the missing time. My seizures were less frequent, one or two a month, but lasted longer, five to ten minutes. Finally I was diagnosed in my mid-thirties with Temporl Lobe Epilepsy. I was prescribed several different medications which helped but nothing eliminated the seizures completely. By the time I was in my mid forties I felt the seizures had stopped and over time I stopped taking my medication. Recently the seizures have returned and while they are mild I am concerned and am looking for more information on TLE. I currently live in Mexico and plan on returning to the US for a thorough check up but want to be more informed on TLE this time so I can ask intelligent questions.

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