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Question Lyme and shingles

I know I have read somewhere that some people with Shingles were eventually diagnosed with Lyme.. or that some with Lyme developed Shingles at some point. I'm curious to know any members' experience with both?

A relative told me a couple of months ago that she was bit by a tick on her elbow (though she didn't tell me exactly when it happened). She developed a rash there, but her doctor claimed that 1.) there is no Lyme where she lives, and 2.) that the rash was actually just from her scratching the bite. She just told me this weekend that she's getting over a case of Shingles (although it was much milder than people told her it would be). Immediately I thought of Lyme.

I told her when she first mentioned the bite and the rash, that her doctor was mistaken. There are indeed Lyme cases where she lives. I told her the rash was proof of the fact. I sent her a list of symptoms to at least look out for, I mentioned Igenex and gave her their web address, etc.. however, I am almost positive that she never took it really seriously. Not to mention, I also think that her medical insurance co. is the one that is basically in cahoots with the IDSA, which would limit her treatment anyway. And here it is months out from the bite.

If somebody told you they were bit, then (after being told it isn't Lyme) went on to develop Shingles, wouldn't you be suspicious? Or am I just paranoid?

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