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Re: I need info on TlE Epilepsy....Diagnosed 30 years ago

There are some excellent books on partial seizures and seizures in general, as well as articles online. Temporal lobe epilepsy is a form of complex partial seizure. If these started at 2 years old, do you know if you had any febrile seizures when you were that age or younger? Any head injuries? (I also have complex partial seizures- am 43, and have had them 20+ years, but couldn't get anyone to believe my strange complaints until I was on my own working, and had my own insurance to find a doctor).

There are so many new meds now for partial seizures than there were even 15 years ago.

Before going in for an MD visit, and referral to a neurologist, I'd do some online article searches- those will give you a lot of info fast, and help you with questions to ask the doc, as well as remind you of things in your own history that may help him/her help you Lots of good support here- keep writing, and let folks know how you're doing