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Re: Long term effects of concussions?

it was terrific to find this site. I had a car acident on September 6,2007.My physical injuries are being teated with therapies and are truly not as bad as they could have been; I can walk and move minimaly. The major concern for me is what has seemed to happen to my memory. I cant find my way around new surroundings and I can't think of why I walked into a room or what the keys I have in my hand might be for. I am concerned about what this means in the long term regarding career etc.. Has anyone experienced short term memory loss that has lasted and what can be done about it. How do I trust my own thinking and behavior. Also , I can't sleep more than a few hours at a time and I am having diahrrea every day.
I would welcome any advice or reading materials so that I might better understand what to expect in the long term.

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