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what are the options for prostatitis?

Hi all,

I visited my urologist a few months ago because of frequent urination and incomplete emptying. He examined me and found my prostate to be somewhat enlarged. He prescribed a round of Levaquin and later a course of doxycycline; neither antibiotic had any effect. At this point he says an antispasmodic (Vesicare) is my only remaining option, but I don't think my symptoms match those for that medication. I feel that I don't empty all the way when I urinate, but I wouldn't say I feel urgency to urinate that often.

I've read that some urologists resort to prostate massage after antibiotics fail to clear up prostatitis. Is that what I need next - to find a doctor willing to manually clear my prostate? How do I find such a doctor?

any advice much appreciated -


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