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Re: Depressed, defeated, lonely and ill too, here's my horror story

hi, I just finished writing my page and then i saw yours. I left so many details out of mine because i was not trying to seem as down as i am. I read yours and it made me cry to see someone out there going through the same insane stress i am. I pray for you and your husband and your daughter and i wish that i had some good advice to ease your suffering i can feel your pain. I am able to spend only a short time on the computer due to my back 3rd lumbar vertebrea is crushed among other serious health issues but maybe we can be a support to one another if nothing else to let you know i don't even know you but i do care about you. Everyone has givin up on me and i think your family should step up and take care of you and i admire your strength being there for you husband and daughter we all fall short and through all of your stress you are hanging on. I pray that the Lord gives you the money you need to keep your home and get both your daughter and husband their meds. Our stories are different but at the same time alot the same i left much out of mine like the suffering my oldest is going through and so many others. i think the only thing we can do as people is try and be there for one another and as i am having a hard time holding on seeing you making it through what you are i know i will make it to even though it may feel to both of us that we aren't making it most days anyways that is how i feel i do wish you the best. One thing i wanted to mention is if you can see if you qualify for a nurse, aide or someone to come in and help i don't qualify for that much help but even the little takes off some of the pressure at the very least the last thing you need to worry about is house cleaning which is one thing that has helped me during my bedrest the last year. May GOD be with you all, Your friend in Christ Julianna