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Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

No wonder you are confused. Vesicare for BPH?!!! Isn't that to make you STOP urinating due to lack of muscular strength?

You have to understand that most urologists that I have run into are notoriously ignorant about male sexual issues and even fewer want to take the time to learn.

You can easily tell if you have an enlarged prostate through self examination in the shower, for example. *It is against board rules to give any techniques.* It is NOT against board rules to tell you that typically, the prostate should only feel enlarged when you are close to or having an ejaculation.

Do you find that you sometimes have to defecate before you can urinate? That could be BPH.

Some people just don't consume a lot of liquids so just because you don't get up frequently during the night or go a lot during the day is not necessarily a sign of a healthy prostate. It may just mean that you don't over hydrate and you know better than to drink fluids a few hours before bed.

Saw Palmetto is an excellent OTC source if you suspect you have BPH. You can searh on "BPH" for others. However, herbs take a great deal of time to work to where you no longer have symptoms.

Avodart is the latest drug for BPH and reportedly works fast.

Whatever you do, DON'T let them cut! **Prostate surgery should always be an absolute last resort.** Run from any doc who suggests this before you have done your own homework.

Prostate message? I have had BPH on and off for almost 20 years. I first got it when I thought I should "abstain" from sex. HA! Men cannot abstain from sex without consequences. PERIOD!

I have read the "hype" about message and IMO it is crap. I would trust a willing partner with message but only during sex. Frequent ejaculation is a lot more fun.

Keep us posted.