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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

Thanks for your post/support. I am starting to get a little freaked out now. My big toe and second toe are starting to curl-in a bit when my foot is relaxed at night. The pain is really bad at night if I don't take the time to keep it elevated and after wearing a tensor throughout the day. I also have pain in a couple of spots around my knee and tendor at the hip. I can't even lay on the same side as my ankle injury. Things only seem to be getting worse, not better, physically anyway.
WC is trying to get things going and are sending me in for an evaluation to determine what exams/tests they think should/need to get done - CT/MRI/physio, etc. I thought I would hear from them yesterday but I think they are still waiting for some of the paperwork from my doctors'. Hopefully today things will start to happen. I really hate being off work,not being able to do things normal and not being able to get comfortable at night. blah blah blah...soon. Things will start to happen soon.
Thanks everyone for your support. J

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