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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

at least things are moving along for you right now and thats a biggie in and of itself,believe me.i am wondering about that toe curling as it could suggest a possible muslce/tendon type issue.this is what took place with my fingers after my spinal cord was damaged(they started to claw?).it was as the result of nerve loss which does affect the strength in the(your case)toes.just one possibility.the upper leg pain 'could' be an issue associated with the leg itself or i am willing to bet,just becasue i went thru this myself,it may just be the result of the changes in the way you are now having to walk/compensate for the you know what i mean?while you are protecting that ankle,the normal way you would walk and therefore the way the bones kind of 'hit' the joints,can just cause its own little issues for you.the are just not posistioned into them the way they were before.this happened when my RSD in my right knee started to get bad,all of the sudden i was having knee and hip problems in the previously fine left leg.just becasue my gait changed to try and keep weight off my R knee.hopefully things will get better with the ankle and this will eventually go away for may just be feeling a bit inflammed right now.

depending on what shows up or does not show up in the MRI/CT whatever they decide,will dictate the next step for you.please keep me posted on the doc appt and what you find out on whatever scan they decide to do,K?good luck, **
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