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Re: Hypertensive and atherosclerotic effects on blood vessels

I read a great book recently. Its title: "The Invision guide to a Healthy Heart." It is a visual guide to what things look like inside our bodies. It is one of a kind, first in a series of books to come. The author, Alexander Tsiaras, used a new, highly revolutionary computer imaging technique to allow the readers to see inside our bodies. In this book the cardiovascular system and arteries are explored.
On one page a visual comparison is made of normal aging arteries versus unhealthy aging arteries, starting at age 25. Age related damage cannot be avoided. There's a little bit of plaque which accumulates through aging even in healthy arteries. It does not look life-threatening in the pictures, compared to the arteries pictured in unhealthy aging. It is always best to try to avoid getting the high blood pressure and other diseases in the first place through following a healthy lifestyle and a reducing the sodium intake. Any potential risks of cardiovascular disease are thus minimized.
High blood pressure is not the only cardiovascular risk factor, unfortunately. People with normal blood pressure can have high cholesterol. That is one of the cardiovascular risk factors. There are several others. Smoking is one. Geneological issues can play a major role in cardiovascular disease and are a risk factor also. I think you can relax for now. Your BP is good. Exercise, live healthy and learn to manage the stress in your life to avoid getting high blood pressure and other problems.