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Re: Belly Button Pain/Swelling/Discharge

Originally Posted by srose87 View Post
This past weekend I was down in Florida with a few friends and family members at Daytona Beach. My friend buried me in the sand and later that night or the next morning (i can't quite remember) my belly button started becoming really sore to the touch. The pain hurt so much I couldn't even bend over the slightest, not even to tie my shoes. A few hours later it became even more sore, to the point where even just sitting made the pain unbearable (and I had to drive home 21 hours on top of that.) I noticed that there was a lump on the upper part of my belly button, like where they'd pierce your belly button.
(I had my belly button pierced about 2 years ago and have never had any problems with it, even after i took it out and it closed up, i never had any pain or swelling or anything)
Anyway. Earlier today (Wed. Oct 3) my fiance noticed a stain on the belly of my shirt and asked me what it was from...i had no idea, so i lifted up my shirt... and there was this dark, carmelly looking puss around the inside of my belly button. The puss has a weird smell, nothing you can smell when your around me, but after i wiped it off with a tissue, i smelled it to see if it did have any kind of odor ...and it did.
It has been pussing for about 6 hours now... not constant, but every now and then i can feel it. I took the corner of a tissue and just set it inside my belly button to get any remaining **** out of there, and no matter how long i do it, the **** still soaks the tip of the tissue. It is discusting and has me worried.

I don't know what the bump is, or why my belly button is so sore and has my entire stomach bloated. And i also don't know why i have this discharge coming out of my naval. Could it be from a small bug that might have been in the sand or something else? Any clues or ideas on how i might be able to cure this at home before i go to the doctor? I'm sure that would be the smartest thing, and i don't want to wait til it is too late to go to the doctor, but i need some kind of answers before i go there and they tell me "oh it's nothing, go home and rince it out" (which i've been doing, i've been taking 2 showers a day since this started happening), any ideas or advice? anything?

I have to agree with the last poster, it sounds like an infections which are nothing to mess with. I would go to a urgent care clinic or the ER before it gets any worse. Infections are nothing to mess with if that is what you have, either way I would go ASAP. Good luck.