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Re: he's still not divorced

I kind of wonder what is making him drag his feet. I mean, when I was going through with my divorce I couldn't wait for it to be official. My ex on the other hand was dragging his feet in some lame attempt to win me back.

I just think that if he really wanted to get divorced he would be. He is living with you, so what is stopping him? You have two children living with you (I'm assuming of course) and he is just as much a part of their life as yours.

You are in a very tough predicament. It is very easy for me to tell you to do this or that, but I am not emotionally invested in this situation. I would just think that if this guy loves you like he says he does and talks about a "future" with you that he would be able to put an end to his past. It really seems that simple to me.

I guess you really need to talk to him and tell him how you feel. I don't want to say to give him an ultimatum, but I don't know what else is going to get him to finalize the whole thing.

I'm sorry, I probably wasn't much help at all.