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Re: he's still not divorced

Thank you so much for writing me back. You have know idea how much it helps. When I was getting divorced I wanted it done and over with. My ex and I used the same attorney and we didn't fight over anything, the only thing that mattered was the kids, material items meant nothing. And within 30 days our divorce was final, and it will be a year in October. Well he has the same attorney I had and he keeps saying that the attorney doesn't call him back or hasn't moved on the situation. Well I am tired of hearing that. Cause if he (the attorney) could get mine done right away, why not on his. I do want a future with him and we are good together and I know he loves me but I feel that there is one thing missing that I may not give him. But I would like to give you an idea of what type of woman I am dealing with. His wife is a liar and manipulator. For close to two years she has told him that she has breast cancer and says she is dying. She has never received any treatment for this condition. And then came to him in March of this year and says that she has 6 months to live, which gives her to Nov. And still no treatment. Now during this time she has spend alot of time in the bars around town and doing physical work, and has worked out. Now I told him to supoena her medical records to see if she is telling the truth. Because I would think that if you had this condition you would do whatever it takes to be here for her daughter. (they have a 13 old together) and the daughter has no idea. He was also told by her ex-boyfriend that she is seriously mental and seems like she is bi-polar, her moods change like the wind. And she will ask different guys for money cause she doesn't want to work. And she still calls him too. Now I ask you, wouldn't you want to get the divorce from someone like this when you found someone who treats you good, you getting along with, have so much in common and who does work hard. So I just don't know why he is dragging his feet.