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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

Thank you for your insights. I do agree that probably some of the pains in other areas of my leg are likely from babying my ankle.

I went for an MRI on Thursday evening but I will have to wait until Tuesday/Wednesday to find out if anything comes of it. I am also scheduled for a nerve conduction test on the 17th. During my medical exam for WC I discovered there is a spot on my ankle that I didn't feel his roller/poker thing. I found that interesting. He has some speculations but want to rule out nerve issues, recheck for fractures, ligaments, etc. He did notice that foot is colder than the other one. He did say it is possible that this could be referred pain, which can happen after a minor injury.
Whatever it is I will hopefully find out something in the next couple of days. I tried going up a few stairs, no weight but my own and a little help, and ended up with really bad stabbing pains on the inside and outside of the ankle. Ooops! sometimes it just doesn't feel like it really is a big deal and others it doesn't stop letting me know it is there. I guess it is real and I am not totally crazy...getting impatient though....oh more day...
At least I am not as bad as a friend of mine who hurt herself at work, was taken to the hospital by her boss, had x-rays, they sent her home in a sling, couple days rest....7 weeks later, arm still hurting...oh, by the way, and I don't know how they could have missed it but your arm is broken in three places - even looking at the original x-rays it was obvious to this other doctor she went to...CRAZY!!!! Just when you might start feeling sorry for yourself/frustrated you hear something like this....I am trying to help her get her paperwork sorted out because her work never filed a claim....anyways....shouldn't really be talking too much about someone elses' situation....will post back in a day or so...take care and thanks again for all your support and input! J