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7 mos PREG & COLPO ??

I'll try to sum up fast:

A year ago in October I had an abnormal pap that showed HGSIL & mild dysplasia.....had the Colpo a week dysplasia and inflammation.
I had the Pap again in April...normal results. I got pregnant in April..right after that. My doctor wanted to do a Colpo in three months to monitor...I did one in July (hurt so bad) and she saw nothing. She wants to do another one now and I'm 7 months pregnant. She says it's because she can see all of my cervix if there is any problems.

I'm scared to do this again. I can handle the pain as I know it will be much worse in a few months! But, if she does find something, she can't do anything right now, nor would I let her. I don't want a biopsy because of risk of infection and other complications.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? This is my first child, so I'm a nervous wreck as it is. I don't want the worry of finding out something next week that will ruin the rest of my pregnancy. I truly feel everything is fine. I think the first Pap may have been an overread....but I'm not doctor. My OB/GYN (she's both) is very thorough. What would you guys do? I just don't want to have to go thru an unnessecary colpo.

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