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Re: 7 mos PREG & COLPO ??

I would say if your dr thinks it is a good idea to check, then go ahead and check. I would tell her not to do any biopsies if you dont want to chance it. She can do the culpo now and then 6 wks after having your baby and compare the results, then if more treatment is necessary, then do it after, they cant really do anything right now anyway. I had a culpo when I was pregnant, as well as one yesterday. There was 8 yrs in between, and I think it was worse this time. They did one when I was about 4 months pregnant and I was fine, and my sister just had one a couple of months ago, and she is pregnant, about 5 months at the time of culpo. We both had biopsies taken on our culpos while we were pregnant, and we are both fine. In fact, she is a HIGH risk pregnancy, has an incompitent cervix, and multiple other problems. She has been on bed rest since she was about three months along, and she is about 7 1/2 now. But she was fine too. The dr will take into considderation the pregnancy, and take a biopsy from a spot that wont interrupt the pregnancy. They didnt do the scraping of the inside of my cervix when I was pregnant, and they took a peice from the outside edge of my cervix instead of the inside. It has been 8 yrs since, and my son was born safely several months later with no problems at all from the culpo or biopsies... Good luck with everything, and if you dont want the biopsies, then make that clear to your dr... Just make sure to get everything taken care of ASAP after the baby because it can change very quickly. PS they never did give me my results after the one 8 yrs ago, and I had clear paps for 7 years after until this year. They said the cells must have been caused by the pregnancy because they cleared themselves up afterward.
I really dont know why she wants to do another culpo though since your pap results were normal, unless she just wants to look and make sure there are no bad cells present, she may not even want a biopsy, just a look to be sure there is nothing going on that she should be aware of.