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Re: cheapest painkillers for severe pain help

Dalaudid is hydromorphone......from what I understand it is similar to morphine in how it works but cant be sure. it is alot stronger than the roxicodone you are taking though and if you are feeling euphoric on it most likely you will have that effect increased if you switch to hydromorphone. I think it comes in 2mg and 4mg tablets but may also come in a 8mg tab as well(not sure). I have never been on it before except one time in an ER i got 2mg out into my IV and it made me pretty euphoric and helped the pain. my wife was suffering from alot of severe stomach pain in the past and when she went to the hospital for it several times they gave her the same thing in the IV....she said it made her euphoric but didnt really help her pain alot, the same thing the roxi is doing to to. You should discuss this with your doctor and I am sure he will have the answer and can suggest another med for you to try to help the actual pain you are having. i hope you get to the bottom of it and find a med that works for you is never fun being in pain! Whatever medication your doctor decides is right for you just use the internet search engines to find a program to help you pay for it. there is a program for almost every medication out there. there is also a sticky thread at the top of the main pain page that has some help on getting info for paying for your medications. it has alot of really good info in check it out as well.