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Re: Meds not working anymore (long)

Thank you, both of you for your responses. She does use an abuterol inhaler- she usually needs it during the day after recess, and sometimes during soccer. Amazingly, except for the two days she was coughing for 16 hours, she has been able to play soccer all fall. I give her two 1.25 mg Xopenex in the nebulizer in the evenings when she is coughing. She has needed the nebulizer about 7 days in the last 15 she has been on prednisone.

Mountain Reader-thanks for your insights about moving. We have only been here 6 years, it was a difficult decision to pick up and move here, and even harder to do. But it all worked out- we have 3 other children and they all love their life here- we were planning on staying here for good- my husband has a great job. However, we hate seeing our daughter on all these meds, and are so sad for her- and the moving discussion does come up lately when it gets really bad. Yet we are thankful that she is only coughing- not wheezing. We are not rushing her to the ER, I know it could be so much worse. That said, her quality of life does suck at times. She is getting depressed and I hate to see my happy, full of life daughter struggling.

What is Astelin? Is that something I should ask the doctor about?

I am wondering about the reflux. I saw another post by someone yesterday who said treating all three- the allergies, post nasal drip and reflux, was what finally got their asthma under control. I would hate to put her on another med, that really upsets me, but maybe some pepcid would help. I have been thinking a lot since yesterday- posting helped me to vent a little. I am going to also look into some holistic solutions. We need to get her asthma under control before they will do any immunotherapy, and then I'm hoping that will help her.

Thanks for your help!