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Another "ex-wife related story". What is your thoughts on this?

Those who know my story, I have somewhat of an update. In June, after the divorce was finalized, I got in contact with my ex wife's grandma (Mary), and Mary told me that my ex broke off contact with her too. My ex, Diane, never cared for them all that much. Her selfishness shining through. Anyway, Mary told me that her husband (and Diane's grandpa), name of Jack, was in the hospital after surgery for lung cancer. I was going to visit Jack, but Mary said that I should wait because Jack was heart broken that Diane broke contact, and that "after Jack got better", Mary would call me to come visit (Jack associated me with Diane, and Mary thought it would make it harder for him to see me and not Diane as well). Diane never went to see him in the hospital.

Well, I hadn't heard any word, and got ahold of Mary on Monday. She said that Jack passed away in July. Diane didn't go to the funeral either.

I think it makes things more clear, and gives evidence that this was all her doing and that she is really messed up. It doesn't bring me the Joy I'm after, but I can see that it was all Diane's selfishness, how life can be bent to serve only HER desires, . . . her lack of care/interest in those who care(d) for her.

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