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Re: 25 years of this!

Hiya, Im Maneka, Just read your thread, I feel for you I really do. I have felt like that at times. Read my story and you may get an idea of how unrelenting the bad times in my life have been. I still struggle day to day but i'll be damned if i give up all the good things in my life just to be another statistic proving life is ****. Most people who are in touch with reality know that life can be **** but its also amazing. I wish you could find hope in your son, panic attacks at 7 just isnt right. Sometimes what gets me through is lowering my expectations of people and situations. I just let the little things register and it works. Most of the time we go through life with blinkers on. Intelligence can blind a person to whats truly important in life. Cherish your little son, he absolutely adores his mum, shes the light of his life! I wouldnt miss that for the world you lucky thing.
big hug from me xx Maneka