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Re: Another "ex-wife related story". What is your thoughts on this?

Originally Posted by tarheel247 View Post
rose are you going soft on us?

you really shouldn't be in contact with her family at all. i know its hard. i'm going through that withdrawl too. but is best to break away. best for you for sure. you can put all the blame on your ex all you want too. if it makes you feel better...then go for it. whatever it takes for you to move on and get over this.

so have you found any lady friend prospects yet? any good news to tell us? i'm waiting for the "i'm finally out and about" thread from you...
It is a tough call, but Mary still considers me family. These past few weeks have made me realize that I am best being out of the ex's life. It is a **** poor thing to do to your grandparents, so I have no desire to have the ex in my life again. But for Mary, she's an old lady and needs to enjoy the few remaining days of her life. There's no telling how long that will be. It may be best to break off contact, but in this case, she's had enough loss in her life and if she still considers me family, on some level, I will do what I can while she's still here.

As for "lady friend prospects", there is absolutely no one. Not even any "possible prospects". I may find myself surprised, in the future, with a "special someone", but as of now, the well is dry.