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Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

There is a good homeopathic remedy that I have used for years when needed for acute prostatitis, enlarged prostate and the feeling of sitting on a ball in the perineum area. It is Chimaphila Umellata 30X potency.

Many homeopathic remedies can be bought from a health food store but I have to special order this from a homeopathic supplier since it is not a commonly used remedy and is very narrow in it's application.

Years ago I had a bad problem with protatitis and a Doctor gave me samples of a vitamin/ mineral conbination -- that contained only vitamin C and Zinc. It only took 3 days to get relief.
Since then, I have come to use both along with alot more vitamins, minerals and supplements.

This incident made me a believer that all nutrients are not readily available in a person's diet atlest not mine -- So, I started reading about vitamins and nutrition -- in the early seventies-- It changed my life and health.

The mineral Zinc is needed to keep a prostate healthy. The best absorbed type available I think is the Chelated type that is bonded to a protein amino acid -- I like and use Solgar and Carlson brands that uses the Albion Labs Internationally patented process but there are others brands available.