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Re: I quit quitting. I have accepted the fact that I will always be a pill junkie.

I never told anyone either. A couple friends new and that was it. I never wanted to tell my husband-- he didnt know for 5 years. My husband had a heart attack and has a bad heart too. My dr. told me it would be best if i told him and that he wont have a heart attack, etc. One night we were laying in bed watching tv and i looked at him seriously almost crying and said, "there is something i have to tell you" well Im sure he was thinking it was an affair. I told him I started taking some pills to help with the stress of his heart attack and i had to much pain, etc and i got addicted, and now i need help so i went to a dr. to help and im on this medicine (sub) and i should be off soon blah blah blah. I was crying and so sorry and my husband said he would support me and do whatever he could. It was such a relief. I kept a secret for over 5 years-- it worked out good for me. When people love you they want to help you. Thats what love is. They dont want to see you suffer. Its your decision. I just wanted to share my experience. Good luck to all of you