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Broken up but still very in love

Bascially, you can skip the long paragraph if you want the point and not background info. Thanks!

I had been with my partner about a year and we had problems on and off. Not really to begin with but after a while things became hard and as it was a long distance relationship, problems arose from that. We argued about stupid small things and i admit i'm guilty of throwing things out of proportion but i cant help it. He used to be very bad with self confidence issues and i always tried my best to help him with that as he does with me, but sometimes those down moods often dragged us as a couple down. Especially as we could never just 'call round' and give the other a hug. In the last few months i've had increasing problems with being depressed as i have written about in here before. It put a big strain on us in so many ways as i lost the ability to trust him so much, i became paranoid with everyone, made troubles seem a lot bigger than they were and was generally losing everything. I could even see it, it's not like i was oblivious but there was nothing i could do to stop myself. So, in the end we broke up to save a friendship. I dont know how he feels any more but i know i love him more than ever and i really wish we could've worked out. Being friends has helped me from completely spiralling into depression as i have done before after a break up but sometimes it makes me worse as i still want him there for me as if he was my partner and he's not anymore. He's the most amazing person i know and i love him more than anyone, he's the only person in this world that knows everything about me and the only one that can really comfort me. I guess this is where the problem lies, i want him to be there for me all the time and i cant get used to the fact that i should want that. I have family issues and he's the only one i can call on, but i know i shouldn't anymore.

I basically want to ask peoples opinions on wether it's a good idea to stay friends with the ex or not. Obviously the feelings wont shut off straight away but will they ever if we stay friends?

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